School Administators

Let me ask something. Why do school administrators make so much money, while teachers and other school staff barely make a living,  Some teachers have to take on extra jobs just to make ends meet.  Many districts are top heavy with administratorImages with high salaries, yet often parents are denied one-to one-aids for severely handicapped children. The state should be monitoring what is actually happening in these districts.  It is no wonder parents are homeschooling, and sending their children to private school when local districts are not being accountable to parents.

Childhood Obesity

7385585688_5e791dbb93_oA couple of days ago when I was having breakfast at a local restaurant with some running buddies, I saw an obese family of a mother and her two children. The family was eating a high caloric meal. But what really amazed me is that the son asked for extra butter so he could just eat it. I wondered to myself what kind of life do these children have? Are they teased for being overweight? Why is food so important to them? And how blocked are their arteries?

You know if a child has one overweight parent, they have 25% chance of being overweight. If they have two overweight parents, they have 75% change to be overweight.  Fat cells develop in childhood. Even with loss of weight, they shrink but do not disappear. Please don’t reward your child with food, reinforce their good behavior  privileges and your attention.